What are the Tips for Caring for an Android Phone?

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How to Properly Care For An Android Phone

What Are Some Tips For Caring An Android Phone? Easy And Safe, Android is an operating system created and released by Google since September 2008. Android itself has been used as an operating system for various electronic devices that we use every day, such as cellphones or smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and smartwatches. Well, the majority of the Android market is in HP technology and maybe you are a loyal user of this operating system.

Well, if you want your device to be durable and not easily damaged, there are several ways to take care of Android that are easy and you can do it right away. Anything, huh? Come on, read the article to the end!

What Are Some Tips For Caring An Android Phone Easy And Safe
What Are Some Tips For Caring An Android Phone Easy And Safe

How to care for Android devices easily and safely

Caring for or using an Android cellphone correctly and safely is divided into two parts, namely hardware and software. These two things cannot be separated because a smartphone has become a device with interrelated facilities.

Caring for the hardware of your favorite Android device can be done in the following ways :
5 Ways to take care of Android Phone Hardware easily and safely
  1. Clean the Android device body regularly. This is important to do to get rid of dust, dirt, residual liquid, and oil that sticks all over your cellphone or Android device.
  2. Use the original or built-in charger. According to the Android Authority page, choosing a charger to charge Android devices should not be arbitrary, you know. Use original or minimal products that have good quality.
  3. Today’s cellphones are equipped with an electric circuit breaker feature if the battery has reached 100 percent. However, it’s a good idea not to recharge your cellphone or Android device overnight.
  4. If needed, use a screen and body protector for HP. Choose a quality that is quite good and comfortable to use.
  5. Do not place your Android device in places that are too hot or cold.
In addition, we also have to take good care of the software on our Android device or cellphone. Here’s how to take care of cellphone software:
10 Ways to take care of Android Phone software easy and safe
  1. Update Android OS regularly. This must be done to improve digital security in running various applications.
  2. Do not download and install applications carelessly. The reason is, even though it is considered safe, Android phones can be infiltrated by dangerous viruses.
  3. Routinely turn off HP for a few minutes, at least every 2 weeks. However, electronic devices also need a break.
  4. Clean unused junk files on HP. In addition to filling up storage space, there are times when these files can cause errors.
  5. Use passwords or passwords on all your Android devices. If necessary, use a pattern lock to hide apps and private data.
  6. Use the two-step security feature. This is very important to keep private accounts from being hacked by malicious hands.
  7. It is common knowledge that cellphones or free Android applications usually contain advertisements. It’s actually harmless, but you shouldn’t tap or click on ads carelessly.
  8. Restrict access permissions for third-party applications that you feel are not important. Giving permission to access indiscriminately is the same as handing over our personal data to other parties.
  9. Do not share important documents on social media or third-party applications that are not secure. There has been a lot of misuse of personal data that has led to acts of fraud, extortion, and buying and selling of data.
  10. If possible, separate the cellphone for daily use from the cellphone for playing online games. Malware is one of the serious threats ever found on Android phones even though users are not aware of it.

In a report, WeLive Security explained that Android phones cannot be said to be 100 percent safe from malware attacks. In fact, there are many types of malware that are considered very dangerous because they are able to hack and access applications installed on Android phones without the user’s knowledge.

Well, that was how to take care of Android devices properly and safely. Taking the steps above will minimize the risk of various cases of data theft and nosy actions from irresponsible parties.

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