What are NFT Artists and Who are the Most Popular NFT Artists

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NFT Artist

Behind the work of NFT, there must be an NFT Artist with extraordinary talent and creativity. What are NFT artists? This article will discuss in detail about NFT artists, including who are the most popular NFT artists today.

What are NFT Artists and Who are the Most Popular NFT Artists
What are NFT Artists and Who are the Most Popular NFT Artists

What is NFT Artist?

Just like a work of art has a creator or creator, an NFT artist is the figure of the creator of NFT’s work.

Generally, NFT artworks are in the form of photos or visual works, audio works, video works, or a combination of the three.

An NFT artist is usually an artist in the real world who converts his art into a non-fungible token so that it can be marketed on the NFT marketplace.

This is intended to add the value of rarity and uniqueness to a work of art so that it cannot be exchanged with others.

However, NFT artists can also be ordinary users who do not have the profession of an artist. This is because the benchmark for the uniqueness of NFT with works of art in the real world has a different assessment.

From this explanation, a simple conclusion can be drawn that the definition of an NFT artist is the creator of a non-fungible token.

Who are the Most Popular NFT Artists?

Currently, the public is familiar with many names of NFT artists. Among these names, here are the five most popular NFT artist names that are widely discussed in the NFT market:

5 most talked about NFT artist names in the NFT market

Mike Winkelmann is the real name of the NFT creator known as Beeple. His NFT work, Everyday’s: The First 5000 Days”, was entered in a historic auction by Christie’s auction house and sold for $69,346,250.00.


The NFT creator’s real name is Matt DesLauriers. It makes NFT in the form of 3D moving images to geometric shapes. His most expensive work entitled Meridian, creating landscapes from many small strokes of color, sold for $33,322.66.

Mad Dog Jones

Canadian-born artist who combines music and visual arts into NFT. One of his works, “Replicator,” tells of a copier with a timer light and a cat purring on the floor in a daily cycle that repeats itself. The work sold for $4,144,000.00 in April 2021.


Representing the names of Guillaume and Sebastian, this animation artist managed to sell their work for around $14,337.78. They have managed to sell more than 1,000 works.


An anonymous NFT creator with “street” visual art in the form of the iconic Gummy Bear (chewy bear candy) vandal series. WhiIsBe has sold 5,982 NFTs at an average price of $2,836.89 per sale. His most expensive work, Not Forgotten, But Gone, sold for $1,000,000.

List of Indonesian NFT Artists

Apart from Ghozali, currently there are many Indonesian artists who market their works in the form of NFT. Quoted from Instagram ID NFT, here are 5 Indonesian NFT artists who are quite popular.

5 Indonesian NFT artists who are quite popular

The user name of the illustration artist Willy WD, who was said to have shocked the OpenSea platform. Karafuru offers a minting concept with a surprise from the 12 unique characters in its collection.


This NFT artist is a team from Prasdiman and Witjk. Their NFT work carries a unique and colorful character visual theme with a medieval trade union theme.

Diela Maharani

An illustration artist who started working in the NFT world after 13 years of experience working with big market brands in the world such as Apple, Instagram, Adidas, and others.

Monica Imelda

A visual creator who combines character illustrations with a unique and emotional blend of negative colors.

Qiqi 3D

Qiqi 3D is an NFT creator with the user name Muhammad Rizqi Ariffudin, a 3D visual artist who has started marketing his work in the NFT market since his 1st grade in high school.

Ykha Amelz

The owner of the IG account @ykhaamelz is an illustrator from Indonesia who has also entered the world of NFT. Some examples of his work are Cyborg No.88, Battle of the Bubs, and Wide Awake which has the characteristic of combining cartoon/comic with strong and unique color combinations.

Adimas Bayu

This comic strip illustrator must be familiar. Through his IG account @masdimboy, he often shares interesting stories in the form of a four-panel comic strip. Recently, he has also started to dive into the world of NFT by using the Tezos blockchain.

Well, that’s information about what an NFT artist is and a number of names of popular NFT artists in Indonesia and the world.

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