Tips For Taking Care Of Your IPhone So It Lasts Longer

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Tips For Taking Care Of Your IPhone So It Lasts Longer

Tips For Taking Care IPhone So It Lasts Longer, Apple is a well-known brand that has many users. Well, one of the products they release to the market is a cellphone or iPhone smartphone. Well, maybe you are an iPhone user and have been loyal to this product for years.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your IPhone So It Lasts Longer

Just like other cellphones, maintaining and caring for the iPhone must be done so that it is more durable and not easily damaged. So, some of the ways to take care of the iPhone below you can apply so that it lasts.

for iPhone users who want their cellphones to be durable, not fussy, and durable, you can do the following ways.

10 ways to take care of your iPhone
  1. Use the original charger. In fact, Apple does design their products to be compatible and compatible only with other Apple products. Using an original charger will make your iPhone last longer.
  2. If needed, you can install a screen protector as well as a body protector for your iPhone. Choose a product that has good quality and does not reduce comfort in its use.
    Reported by Tech with Tech, each charging on the cellphone actually reduces battery life little by little.
  3. Charge your iPhone regularly, but do it the right way and minimize its use while it’s charging.
  4. Even though it seems cliche and old-fashioned, it’s a good idea not to charge your iPhone overnight or for more than 4 hours. If the battery indicator shows a full number, just stop the charging process.
  5. Do not download and install applications of unknown origin. Using fake applications will only increase the risk of data theft, even the transfer of viruses to our cellphones.
  6. Not pocketing the iPhone in the back of the pants. This will cause the iPhone body to bend when you squat.
  7. Do not put the iPhone in a hot place and exposed to direct sunlight, for example on the dashboard of a car parked under the hot sun.
    Update iOS regularly because this is also related to security and convenience for its users.
  8. Routinely clean it from dust and dirt that sticks. You can do this slowly using a soft cloth or cotton bud.
  9. Apple’s official website recommends that you charge up to half (50 percent) if you’re going to store your HP device for a long time.
  10. If you don’t use it for a long time, turn it off and store your iPhone in a place that is free of moisture and has a temperature below 32 degrees Celsius.

So, how’s it going? With the ten ways to take care of the iPhone above, you can make your favorite smartphone more durable and long lasting. Well, hopefully this article can add to your insight, yes!

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