The Best Thin Laptop With A Light Body

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The Best Thin Laptop with a Light Body and High Specs

The Best Thin Laptop With A Light Body, When doing outdoor activities, you certainly consider the best thin laptop that is ready to be taken anywhere. In addition to a slim body, you also need a durable battery capacity and a solid physique. Of course with qualified specifications to support all computing needs.

Thin and light laptops are becoming increasingly popular these days, and often have high-end specs. While there are many great options, we recommend this one because of the nice and slim specs that make it perfect for you!

Well, to answer your confusion, we have compiled a summary of the best thin laptop recommendations that can be used as a reference before buying. This recommendation is complete, you just have to adjust it to your budget and workload.

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of laptops out there? Check out our

The Best Thin Laptop With A Light Body
The Best Thin Laptop With A Light Body
list of top 7 slim laptops with lightweight bodies and high specs!
1. HP Pavilion 14 EC0013AU

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t HP, it’s a Hawlett-Packard laptop brand, right? This manufacturer from the United States also provides the best thin laptops that make you drool. With a design of 32.5 x 21.66 x 1.7 cm and a weight of only 1.41 kg, it fits perfectly with the tagline ‘Ultra Thin and Light Design’.

No need to worry about performance, HP provides the Pavilion 14 EC0013AU with AMD Ryzen 5 5500U plus 16GB dual-channel RAM. Not to mention the AMD Radeon RX Vega 7 iGPU which really supports everyday multimedia and graphics.

2. Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon i5

The next best thin laptop comes from the Lenovo brand with the Yoga Slim 7i Pro Core i5 series. Through its products, Lenovo managed to pack high specifications on a super thin body. Not only that, the Lenovo Yoga 7i even has a 2in1 function that can be invited to ‘lay down’ up to 180 degrees.

Already supporting the latest Intel technology, the Yoga 7i is embedded with a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 1135G7 processor. The Integrated Intel® Iris® Xe graphics also make you feel at home playing various multimedia on a laptop. Not to mention the Dolby Atmos® speaker system and up to 50 Whr battery that supports mobile work.

3. Asus VivoBook 14

Turning to Windows products, Asus has the VivoBook 14 which won the title of the best thin laptop. With a weight of only 1.6 kilograms and a thickness of 19.9 mm, of course it is easy to carry anywhere, even if you use a tote bag. Even though the body is thin, the Asus VivoBook 14 still embeds USB Type A and C, HDMI, to an audio jack combo.

The inside of this laptop is equipped with a 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 Processor 2.4 GHz processor. To support multimedia activities, Asus has equipped the VivoBook 14 with an NVIDIA GeForce MX330 graphics chip. Capable for those of you who work mobile and need a device with sufficient specs.

4. Macbook Air M1

Apple fans certainly don’t agree that the Macbook Air M1 is on the first list of the best thin laptops. Physically this device has thin dimensions, light weight, complete with advanced technology. Starting from the retina display, the Neural Engine for faster work, and of course the new M1 processor from Apple.

With a combination of embedded technologies, Macbook Air M1 provides a fast and efficient work experience. The supportive ecosystem also causes this laptop to be more energy efficient, making it very suitable to work with while traveling anywhere. Despite being invited to heavy activities, this laptop from a Californian company does not make a noise.

5. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15

Another gaming laptop that doesn’t look ‘gaming’. At first glance, the design of the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 is too cheerful among other heavyweight laptops. Well, make no mistake, this laptop already carries the Ryzen 9 5900 HS, 16 GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD. Embedded graphics are NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB. What’s lacking?

The only thing you need to consider before buying this ASUS laptop is that there is no webcam. So, if you need video conferencing, you have to install an additional camera. With its capable specifications and a weight of less than 2kg, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus inBui needs to be included in the ranks of the best thin laptops.

6. Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3

An entry-level budget doesn’t prevent you from having the best thin laptop. There is a Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 that you can buy at an affordable price, enough specifications, and of course a slim body. Armed with AMD Ryzen 3 3250U and Radeon VGA graphics, this laptop is capable of being invited to basic computing activities such as writing or video conferencing.

Uniquely, the embedded RAM is quite large up to 8GB and has been supported by 256GB SSD technology. Work is smoother with a Full HD IPS screen, and a battery that can last up to 10 working hours. Obviously very good for checking out.

7. Dell XPS 15-9510

Interested in playing games, but don’t want a bulky gaming laptop? Try the Dell XPS 15-9510 lyrics. Although there are no gaming frills, the specifications of this laptop are qualified to be invited to play with medium graphics. Armed with an Intel® Core™ i7-11800H Processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050Ti, it is clearly supported for you to use for editing.

Not only that, the memory space provided is quite wide. There is 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD storage ready to accommodate all your digital documents and files. You also don’t need to worry about power consumption, because the battery has 86Whr with Express Charge technology.

Well, that’s the recommendation for the best thin laptop to choose from. So, are you ready to propose which is the best thin laptop?

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