IBM and Samsung Reveal Future Semiconductor Breakthrough

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IBM and Samsung Reveal Future Semiconductor Breakthrough, we rely on technology to help keep us organized, entertained and informed. And we expect this technology to be secure and to operate efficiently. Helping to perform these tasks are semiconductors, which are at the core of computing and can be found in everything from cell phones and home appliances to spacecraft.

IBM and Samsung Reveal Future Semiconductor Breakthrough

IBM and Samsung Unveil Semiconductor Breakthrough That Defies Conventional Design

IBM Research, in collaboration with IBM’s Albany Research Alliance partner, Samsung, has made a breakthrough in semiconductor design. This new approach, called Vertical Transport Field Effect Transistors—or VTFET— could revolutionize computing and chip processing for years to come. Transistors are a type of semiconductor. The more transistors on a chip, the more calculations it can perform. With VTFET—as opposed to the current standard FinFet— the transistors are aligned vertically and are designed for more densely packed transistors. This engineering could lead to increased performance, improved energy flow and a reduction in energy loss.

This advancement in technology opens the door for powerful or energy efficient devices— for example cell phone batteries designed to hold a charge for over a week instead of days. And IoT devices could benefit from increased functionality in environments like ocean buoys, spacecraft and autonomous vehicles. Recently, IBM announced the first demonstration of transistors at a 2nm node by producing chips that had 50 billion transistors in a space the size of a fingernail—the densest to date. VTFET innovation focuses on a whole new dimension that offers a pathway to the continuation of Moore’s law— the premise that the number of transistors in a chip doubles every two years. IBM has already produced test chips utilizing the new VTFET process and has demonstrated this new vertical device architecture to be a strong candidate for even smaller scaling.

As the need for dynamic AI and hybrid cloud systems continues to grow more prominent, IBM’s cutting edge innovations are poised to continue fueling transformative growth in business and society.

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