How Gaming World Look like in Next Decade 2030

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Future of Gaming in Next 10 Year-2030 | 8 Future Gaming Trends in 2021 | Future of Gaming World | How Gaming World Look like in Next Decade

How Gaming World Look like in Next Decade 2030, Future of gaming industry in the next 10 years. Many of you guys are playing games. Games were not exactly what they used to be a decade ago. We made great strides from games like Snake Contra and many more. Have you always wondered what it will be like in 10 years? The Future of Games in 2019? Netflix CEO Reed Hastings assured shareholders that their biggest rivalry was not HBO, Disney Plus or Amazon. Its greatest challenge was indeed the Fortnite video game. In 2019, the gaming industry generated 120 billion dollars in profits. An analyst estimate that it will hit another 200 billion in two years. Big tech Giants are trying to get the best out of this situation. Apple, Google and Amazon have all produced gaming products. Apple has launched a gaming subscription service, the Apple Arcade. Google has introduced Stadia, which allows users to stream major game titles straight from the cloud. Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014, which is the most popular gaming site and platform where gamers play. The gaming industry has been growing since the beginning of the gamers era, and in the years ahead, it is expected to get better, probably generating more revenue than any other medium. Let’s have a look at how it is all going to happen.

How Gaming World Look like in Next Decade 2030
Future of Gaming in Next 10 Years 8 Future Gaming Trends in future
  1. Streaming Games will be more Popular

Streaming games will be a more popular streaming technology, and gaming will become more popular in the next 10 years. As Internet infrastructure is moving ahead, it’s going to be a popular place to buy a game and instantly start playing it via streaming. We’re still going to download games for a certain time to come, and also the best experience by 2030 will always be on a standalone console or PC

  1. Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming. It helps us not to get tied to the hardware you’ve got in your home. You can take advantage of your gaming experience wherever you are in the world. It’s just going to set up the doors to almost everyone. Three. Vr is going to become mainstream in the next 10 years.

  1. VR is Going to become Mainstream

Vr virtual reality could be the more dominant technology in gaming. The VR is the way forward here. Games would be similar, but virtual reality is going to be a much more popular aspect even in nonvr games. Right now, there are no factors other than technical difficulties. Are VR games not being included in many categories, such as strategy games or platforms? But in 2030, we should certainly expect game graphics to equal the best CG movies we’ve seen. There are some great and interesting VR games out there today. However, they need an initial investment in hardware and are also very solitary. These factors also build an entry barrier for mass audiences.

  1. Combining AR with VR

Combining the AR with the VR, we may see significant technological disruption in AR, VR or deep learning. Someone might come up with a werewolf that people will enjoy. There will be headphones or Scifi contact lenses that are as universal as cell phones are now, and there will be games for those five.

  1. Mixed Reality

Mixed reality will obviously make its Mark within the next few years. This is going to be the next move, not just for gaming. We will move away from the mouse and keyboard is the main input devices for PCs, and the outcomes of this would be significant and far reaching. Also, it is likely that the graphics processing will begin to migrate even more to the cloud, which will continually make gaming even more portable than ever before.

  1. Mobile Games and Cloud Will massive Impact

Mobile games in the Cloud will have a massive impact. Our mobile devices have changed a lot over the last few years. By 2030, we can be confident that phones will be much more powerful than your 2020 computer. Whatever you think of the future, it’s hard to disregard the fact that there will be potentially billions of player who may never have a PC or console and will only play on their mobile phones. This is a wonderful move in how games should be made and how we are concerned about the gaming community’s future. The promise of cloudbased gaming is immense. There is a number of companies that are seeking to win this portion of the market.

  1. The War of Console may be Over

The Wars of console may be over. The console Wars will most likely be over in the next 10 years. The walls between the Walled gardens platform are already tearing down. Cloud gaming is going to be known as the norm. Technology is going to keep pushing forward. In the next 10 years, we are going to have a cloud service battle instead. By 2030, video games might become basic media that you can enjoy in any media player you own. I think we’re already experiencing this pattern, but it’s going to take a long time for large businesses to find out what they’re going to do with it.

  1. AI technology will improve Gaming

Ai technology will ever improve Gaming we might see a narrative game that takes advantage of conversational AI and is capable of convincingly making long conversations with NPCs. If deep learning continues to progress. This deck has just started to make its appearance. The plot twist and destinations are preset at the point that where we are now when items like Air added behind the scenes and plot. The drama is expected to unfold in real time. Depending on the action of the player and all that is happening in the world. There could be events and shifts in the plot, which even the developers do not predict.

Gaming will change for the better and new Categories will appear

Gaming will change for the better in new categories will appear over the next 30 years. There may be an extremely popular genre that just doesn’t exist at the moment. This has happened throughout the last decade and it doesn’t seem like we’ve run out of new ideas. Games can be combined with other types of media. Maybe they’re not going to be classified as a gaming industry at that point. Borders between games and movies and subscription entertainment channels such as Netflix baby quite blurred at that point. At least they’re going to be seen as competitors as opposed to a different form of coverage. But there could be a combination going on together. We will be able to see gaming and all other modes of entertainment blend and cross pollinate between each other, providing fresh and interesting opportunities for us to express ourselves in the near future. The distinction between genres and audiences can be lured over time.

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