How Data Fabrics Work? Simple Expland What Is Data Fabrics

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How Data Fabrics Work? Simple Expland What Is Data Fabrics, Your business relies on a lot of data, some of it’s over here, more of it’s over there, and managing all of it to provide positive experiences for your customers and employees isn’t so easy. Let’s illustrate. You’re the customer of a major insurance company, and after a bit of home property damage, you filed a claim. You’re anxious for that claim to be filed and processed quickly, so you call the insurance company and talk to a claim rep, one who’s good at her job, but also a little overwhelmed. That’s because analyzing a claim is not for the faint of heart. Each claim can generate massive amounts of unstructured data, think text, videos, photos, audio files, that kind of stuff.

How Data Fabrics Work? Simple Expland What Is Data Fabrics
How It Works

To process the claim quickly, the rep needs a secured and unified view of your data and insurance details. In other words, she needs access to the right data at the right time, regardless of where any of it happens to live. But the insurance company stores its data across multiple silos, which can unintentionally make accessing, using, and analyzing that data much more complicated for the rep. As a customer, your data may be fragmented across warehouses, data lakes, and not one, but many clouds. You might be asking, why not store the customer’s data together in one place? But that can potentially create a never ending ripple effect of compliance, governance, and security problems. Luckily, there’s another solution in the form of a data fabric.

What Is Data Fabric Data Fabric Explained

What exactly is a data fabric? It’s like a tapestry that connects data across silos, be it on premises or across multiple clouds, without ever having to copy or move any data. It also helps to ensure an organization can maintain the level of governance and privacy required of them. A data fabric is designed to allow organizations to make information quickly available across a network that connects the right data to the right people at the right time. So when you call and speak to that claim rep, she sees the relevant collected data, and thanks to AI, she has the tools to quickly understand what this data means.

Meanwhile, the insurance company can take advantage of machine learning to apply governance rules quickly, helping to ensure data is used responsibly. And the automation capabilities of this data fabric were designed so that the insurance company can perform data discovery, delivery, and analysis at a much faster rate. A data fabric is designed to transform how you manage data across a hybrid cloud environment. So you can access, govern, and automate data, regardless of where your data is stored in your system. Whether it’s an insurance company giving someone much needed peace of mind or any other organization and any other industry, a data fabric provides the acceleration of data analysis, delivering faster, more accurate insights for customers and employees alike.

Source : IBM

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