Differences Between Original and Refurbished IPhones

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What you should know the Difference between Original and Refurbished iPhone

Differences between Original and Refurbished iPhones, Mobile is an essential communication support tool. Of the various brands marketed, one of the popular HP choices is the iPhone. Due to the price factor, not a few choose refurbished iPhones that are more pocket-friendly.

Refurbished iPhones are used or used iPhones that have been previously used by customers but have experienced some problems, so they are returned because they are usually still under warranty.

The returned device was later repaired by Apple with various standardizations. Reported by The Verge, the Apple company has started selling refurbished cellphones since 2016 with the iPhone 6s type.

Differences Between Original and Refurbished IPhones
Differences Between Original and Refurbished IPhones

Both original and refurbished iPhones have official warranties. However, the two have their differences. Anything?

5 Differences between Original and Refurbished iPhones

1. Device differences

Original iPhones that have never been used and refurbished iPhones certainly have differences in terms of the appearance of the device. You can check the difference between the two through the device model description.

You can check it by tapping the Settings menu > General > About, then the display will show a nine-digit model number that can determine whether the iPhone is new or refurbished.

If the model number starts with the letter “M”, then it is a new iPhone. If it starts with an “F” it’s a refurbished iPhone or a used iPhone officially updated by Apple. Meanwhile, if it starts with the letter “N”, it is an Apple Replacement Device, which means the device was previously damaged but has been replaced by Apple.

2. Selling price

In terms of price, original and reconditioned iPhones will certainly have differences. Reportedly 9to5, reconditioned iPhone buyers can save costs up to 15 percent of the price of a new iPhone. The difference is certainly comparable, considering that both new iPhones and refurbished iPhones both have an official warranty for one full year.

If you’re looking to save on a budget, a refurbished iPhone can be a more pocket-friendly option.


International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) is an identity code that is owned by every HP device, including iPhone. Every original or refurbished iPhone has an IMEI to register.

You can see the IMEI on the back of the cellphone, battery, or phone case. You can check the IMEI on the original and refurbished iPhone via the www.IMEI.info page by entering the IMEI number on the device.

If the IMEI is not listed, it can be ascertained that the iPhone is not genuine and is not an official refurbished product from Apple, but a reconditioned iPhone.

4. Availability on launch day

iPhone products will always come with new models. On the day of the launch, not a few people were willing to queue to buy it. If you want to buy a new iPhone, it will be available on launch day. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a refurbished iPhone, you have to be patient for a few weeks or even months.

5. Packaging on iPhone

Overall, the packaging of the original or new iPhone and the refurbished iPhone is the same. However, there is a slight difference in the description on the iPhone packaging. On refurbished iPhones that are officially released by Apple, on the packaging there is a caption that says “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” at the bottom of the box. Both original and refurbished iPhones are neatly packaged and sealed.

That’s the difference between an original or new iPhone and a refurbished iPhone. This can be a reference if you want to buy this Apple HP product. In general, both new and refurbished iPhones don’t have much of a difference. However, it should be noted that an official refurbished iPhone that is fully guaranteed by Apple is different from a reconditioned iPhone that is done outside of Apple.

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