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Best Jobs In The Metaverse Industry 2023

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10 Best Jobs In The Metaverse Industry 2023

Best Jobs In The Metaverse Industry 2023, In 2022, the metaverse is soaring. From what was initially only considered as an abstract concept, it has now become a topic of discussion in various sectors, including work in the metaverse.

Research conducted by the Bankless Times on Google search results, found that searches with the keyword ‘metaverse job’ or metaverse jobs, experienced a drastic increase of up to 938%.

Jobs in the Metaverse Industry

Best Jobs In The Metaverse Industry 2023
Best Jobs In The Metaverse Industry 2023

In addition to showing an increasingly felt existence, the research has also succeeded in proving the existence of career opportunities in the metaverse.

What kind of work do you think the metaverse world needs? Here are some of them, based on reports from Medium and CNBCTV.

10 Jobs in the Metaverse Industry

1. VR Designer

The VR (virtual reality) designer is responsible for building the virtual metaverse world. Currently, the demand for VR is indeed on the rise. A report from Vynz predicts that the VR market will grow to US$161.1 billion by 2025.

2. Software Engineer

In addition to VR, metaverse also requires a program that can build a virtual world. VR or AR (augmented reality) software already exists today, but the metaverse is much more complex. To build a metaverse, engineers need to create an entirely new and interconnected world.

3. Metaverse Ecosystem Developer

Metaverse wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t built. There needs to be an ecosystem that can support it in order to run. Starting from the CPU, GPU, KYC (know your customer) procedures, and of course the rules that apply in it, there must be someone who creates.

Turning the real world into a virtual form is not an easy matter. The technology for creating metaverses already exists, but there is still much more to be done.

Ecosystem developers are responsible for coordinating with partners and of course the government. The goal is none other than so that users can really take advantage of the metaverse as they should.

4. Metaverse Planner

The metaverse planner is in charge of planning and implementing functionality policies into the virtual world. Once companies have defined their metaverse creation and growth strategy, planners need to be able to identify the opportunities. As much as possible they take into account the possibilities that exist in order to avoid losses.

5. Research and Development

As a new technology, metaverse has a very wide development space. There are still many things that can be explored and developed. Metaverse needs a lot of human resources for its development needs.

For those with expertise in computer vision, deep learning, or computer graphics, you can find career opportunities as a metaverse researcher.

Metaverse research is very complex because it has to find the architecture that will become the foundation of everything in the metaverse, from advertising, games, to quality control.

6. Security Manager

No one has been able to guarantee security in the world of the metaverse. Therefore, talents are needed who are able to provide guidance and supervision for all stages, from design, validation, to mass production later.

That way, all users can stay safe and secure. A security manager is urgently needed for this task.

7. Metaverse Hardware Designer

When talking about the metaverse, most will mention the virtual world and the programs that run it.

In fact, the metaverse will not be formed without hardware support such as sensors and cameras. Without sensors, you will not be able to feel the stimulus from the system.

Therefore, those who can design and build hardware are needed for the future of the metaverse.

8. Cybersecurity Expert

Cybersecurity threats will always lurk in the digital world, the metaverse is no exception. Crimes such as NFT theft, data leakage, to hacked devices, the possibility will always exist.

This is why cybersecurity experts desperately need metaverse. There needs to be a party that can minimize attacks and ensure the passage of security protocols.

9. Ad Blocking Expert

You are certainly familiar with the concept of advertising on social media. Facebook, or now Meta, which is the basis of the metaverse relies heavily on advertising.

It is predicted that the world of the metaverse will also be filled with advertisements. For users, this can be a nuisance. The existence of a system that can reduce the appearance of ads will certainly help the user experience.

10. Marketing Specialist

There will be many companies that jump into the metaverse. That means, there will be a lot of marketing need. As a new concept, metaverse clearly needs a different and more interactive approach to provide an unforgettable user experience.

Predictably, there will be many content creators, ad experts, and other marketing experts in the metaverse.

The presence of the metaverse opens up completely new job opportunities. This is because this technology requires a more interactive and dynamic approach. Not to mention the risk factors that are likely to be different from the risk factors of the predecessor technology.

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