A List Of Browsers That Work Best In Windows 11 2022

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List of Best Browsers to Use on Windows 11 in 2022

A List Of Browsers That Work Best In Windows 11 2022, The emergence of the internet gave birth to many applications to facilitate the user’s need for access to the internet. It took a few years indeed, but now the application called the browser has reached a point where most of them are comfortable to use and very helpful for users to surf the internet.

A List Of Browsers That Work Best In Windows 11 2022

There are many browser options out there especially for use in new operating systems like Windows 11. Here are some of them.

7 Best Browsers to Use on Windows 11
1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been around since 2002 and is present as a more user-friendly and fast alternative to the default Windows browser at that time, namely Internet Explorer.

Although no longer the only alternative, Firefox is still equipped with a myriad of features and is still one of the safest browsers.

Apart from that, Firefox also allows users to stop videos from playing automatically, store passwords securely in just one click and take screenshots more easily.

2. Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer is the default Windows browser which is known to be very slow. In response to this, Microsoft finally decided to create a new browser that was built using a Chromium-based engine.

That browser is Microsoft Edge which has now replaced Internet Explorer as the default Windows browser (especially in Windows 11).

Besides having faster performance, Edge is also much more secure with a more modern user-interface. In addition, Edge is also equipped with quite a lot of interesting features.

3. Google Chrome

Before Microsoft gave birth to Edge, Google Chrome was the first browser built using a Chromium-based engine.

For those who don’t know, Chromium is an open-source source code created by Google itself. Chrome is known for its unique user experience, as well as being one of the most responsive and fast browsers when it was first released.

Although there are now quite a number of browser options to choose from, Chrome is still rated as the best especially through its extensive catalog of extensions.

4. Opera GX

Opera GX is a browser aimed at gamers. One of the biggest differences of this browser from its sibling, Opera, is the fact that Opera GX includes features that make it more user-friendly for the operating system.

Opera GX allows users to set limits on CPU, GPU, and RAM usage. So, even if running in the background, Opera GX still doesn’t interfere with the overall performance of the device. As a browser for gamers, Opera GX also comes with an attractive UI typical of gamers.

5. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a free browser that was launched in 2016. Not only on operating systems such as Windows, Vivaldi is also available on almost all OS such as macOS, Linux, and Android.

Vivaldi is marketed as a browser that will maintain user privacy including by protecting user information to be secretly taken by certain sites.

How to install this browser is very easy and users can also import browser data, such as bookmarks and history from the next browser, very easily to Vivaldi.

6. Brave

Next up is Brave, which is no less interesting than the other browsers on this list. This browser is built using a Chromium-based engine and is not as slow as other Chromium-based browsers.

Brave has a lot of interesting features, one of which is a feature that will eliminate metadata collection to prevent certain sites from showing customized ads.

In addition, there is also a built-in video conferencing application that takes advantage of Brave’s high-security network.

7. Slim Browser

If the myriad of features possessed by modern browsers are deemed too redundant and less important, then Slim Browser can be chosen as an attractive alternative.

Slim Browser is a minimalistic browser that is equipped with basic features that can be found in almost all browsers. This browser is fairly safe and comes with a built-in adblocker or ad blocker.

In addition, there are also plug-ins that allow users to improve the browsing experience and the default download manager is no less fast than third-party download managers.

That was the review as well as recommendations for some of the best browsers to use on Windows 11. For those who are interested, all the browsers above can be downloaded for free on their respective official pages.

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